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It’s the Bike Co-op’s 20th Birthday

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

It’s the Bike Co-op’s 20th birthday this year! The Bike Co-op was established in 1998 and began as a small student run organization with a big idea: to build an accessible volunteer-run bike share for UBC students. A lot of organization was put into finding, refurbishing, and painting bikes in our signature purple and yellow hues. These clashing colours were chosen to deter people from stealing the bikes. In the first year over 100 Purple & Yellow bikes were built!

Twenty years later, our Purple & Yellow Bike Share and volunteer night still exists and has become a permanent fixture on campus. Since 2008 we’ve built 400 P&Y bikes, sporting names like “Greasy Rust Sprinkles,” “Too bad it’s raining,” “I’d ride that,” and “Will to live.”

A volunteer spiffying up some P&Ys.

Today the Bike Co-op now runs so many more programs, like Bici Libre and Women & Queer Night. The founders likely didn’t imagine that the Co-op would go on to start a Kids Bike Library or build a partnership with the City of Vancouver to keep bikes out of the landfill. Recently, however, we resurrected a few programs from the past like Spare Parts, a workshop series that teaches folks how to make art and functional objects out of recycled bike parts.

The Bike Kitchen opened in January of 1999 on a shoestring budget. The Co-op needed a space to build and fix P&Y’s, but the Kitchen quickly became so much more. Since 1999, the Bike Kitchen has served as the hub for not just UBC’s, but Vancouver’s DIY cycling community as well.

We dug into our archives to find a few gems from the past — including Waving Wednesdays flyers and a saucy recruitment poster from the late ’90s or early 2000s. Take a rip down nostalgia lane with us.

What do you think — should we ressurect Waving Wednesday?

Just in case you were wondering how to wave, the flyer includes this fabulous instruction: “A wave ‘counts’ when you move your hand back and forth at least three times.”

The Bike Hub was established in 1999 as a resource centre for students. It’s hard to tell from this photocopy but, yes, Jason is indeed sporting a cropped T-shirt.

The first iteration of Spare Parts began in 2002. We resurrected the program 2016 to lead up to our annual art show, Pedalling Art.

One thing obviously hasn’t changed: we still have an affinity for hand drawn media.

We’re not sure what year this art show took place, but our interests have stayed the same. Our annual fundraiser is now an art show called Pedalling Art.