statement of support for the SASC

To the AMS and UBC community,

Today we stand in solidarity with the Sexual Assault Support Centre, survivors, and everyone who spoke up to condemn the unilateral decision of the AMS to end crisis support services at the SASC. The AMS’s decision was enacted without the consultation or consent of UBC students, faculty, and staff. The AMS’s decision to end crisis support services at the SASC was ultimately an attack on survivors and therefore an attack on the entire UBC community. While we are glad the the AMS Executive reversed their decision, these recent events have shaken the UBC community and damaged trust in the AMS.

For the last 16 years, the SASC has been a beacon of safety and support, providing the UBC community with vital same-day support services that are not available anywhere else on campus. The SASC is trusted by community members to be trauma-informed, intersectional and survivor-centered. The AMS’ own 2018 Academic Experience Survey Report states that “One-in-ten (10%) students have personally experienced either sexual assault or another form of sexual misconduct from a member of the UBC community.” We need to ensure that trusted resources like the SASC’s crisis services are protected for years to come.

We implore the AMS to establish accountabilities so that future decisions of this nature will not be made without the votes of students. A student union should represent the interests of students, the safety of students, the agency of students. Yet, the current AMS Executive made an autocratic decision that contradicts the will of the students and jeopardized students’ security.

Today we stand in solidarity with the Sexual Assault Support Centre and all survivors.

#ChoicesForSurvivors #SavetheSASC

From the staff and board of the AMS Bike Co-op