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What the municipal election means for cyclists

Thursday, September 20th, 2018


Photo by Paul Kreuger

The municipal elections are coming up on October 20th. These elections are critical for policies that affect your daily life, especially the building of bike infrastructure and the promotion of cycling. City Council is important, but the Parks Board controls crucial links in the cycling network, like Stanley Park and Kits Beach Park, so make sure that you vote for them too.

You can find out how to vote here.

This is a fairly unusual municipal election, in a political landscape suddenly freed from corporate funds. So it’s extra important that you vote and vote carefully. To that end, we are providing some broad recommendations for candidates who care about cycling.

The slate of candidates endorsed by the Vancouver Labour Council meets our approval. In brief, this means that we recommend voting for either COPE, OneCity, The Green Party or Vision for Council, School Board and Parks Board, as well as voting for Kennedy Stewart for mayor. You can find the complete list here.

We recommend against voting for the NPA as they have a long history of opposing cycling infrastructure both in Council and the Parks Board. Hector Bremner claims to be pro-cycling, but his history with the NPA casts doubt on this. Candidates to the right of the NPA who are vowing to dismantle cycling infrastructure are obviously antithetical to everything the AMS Bike Co-op stands for, and we do not recommend voting for them if you’d like Vancouver to remain a bike-friendly city. For instance, Coalition Vancouver mayoral candidate Wai Young vowed to scrap recent 10th Avenue bike route improvements and replace the route with parking spaces.